The Latest Way to Drive Higher Email Engagement: Live Video Streaming


Some may have thought that innovation was all tapped out once the industry fully mastered embedding video within an email. After all, this achievement represented a significant improvement from completely static content emails to clickable video thumbnails to animated .GIF videos. What could possibly be next?  

One answer is live video streaming. Now, you can give your recipients the ability to connect with your brand like never before – not just with video, but live video streaming. Broadcast events like sports, fashion shows, and flash video sales in real time to millions, creating a new way for recipients to experience your brand while increasing overall email engagement.

Case in point: Tommy Hilfiger’s fashion show

Displaying embedded video in email marketing messages is a native capability of Liveclicker’s RealTime Email solution, and a leader in the fashion industry recently put it to test. When Tommy Hilfiger launched the TOMMYNOW RockCircus fashion show, they took it one step further by leveraging live streaming video footage to bring the show experience to millions of fashionistas right in their inboxes.

The solution employed several time-based targeting rules and additional features of the Liveclicker solution:

• Before the show began, email marketing messages counted down to show time, announcing the pending live stream. A countdown timer and time-targeted image were featured prominently in the hero area of the email.

• Once the show started, the timer and live image were replaced by the live streaming video and a “shop now” image.

• After the event ended, the email presented users with an image letting them know they could replay the show online, and soon after that, any email opened replayed the video.

This experience offered email recipients the feel of attending the TOMMYNOW show in person, with the added benefit of instant access to the video and shopping links after the event ended.

“The email experience unfolded elegantly, and without interruption,” commented Justin Foster, co-founder and vice president of market development for Liveclicker. “We so appreciate Tommy Hilfiger’s desire for innovation and confidence in Liveclicker’s technology and services team, and are honored to support such a critical initiative to engage the brand’s target audience.”

Gain a new advantage

By implementing live streaming video in email, marketers can create a competitive advantage while bringing a new and exciting experience to email recipients. Simply by using embedded video, many marketers increase video view rates by 25 -40% compared to a pure site-side solution. That’s because views rise when the path to consume video content is shortened.  

The opportunities for using live streaming video in email go well beyond fashion shows and sporting events. Over time, innovative marketers will use the live video streaming technology to show how decisions are made, products are developed, built, and launched. Stand out from the crowd, drive higher engagement, and propel your customers’ love of your brand with live streaming video in email.


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