RealTime Email Innovators: Creating Effective Email Experiences [Case Studies]


Someone once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. It could have been Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin or Mark Twain, but whoever it was, we all know it’s foolish to repeat ineffective actions. Frankly, in email marketing it’s a recipe for getting lost in the clutter and risking brand irrelevance. We need to try new strategies until we find what works.

That’s what three of our clients did when they used personalized, data-driven email content to drive customer engagement in Q4 of 2017. The best part? It wasn’t insanely complicated to resonate with recipients. To see what I mean, check out these great case studies that cleverly use personalization.

Let’s start with Torrid, an on- and offline retailer of trendy plus-size fashion for women, who – in its all-important Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions – used time-based targeting to drive customers to the current sale. Countdown timers created a sense of urgency, while the email content updated automatically anytime a consumer opened it. Without increasing campaign production complexity, Torrid achieved record-setting results, and even expired promotions led to revenue spikes and new traffic.

Meanwhile, the MS Society was struggling to generate the donation results their community was hoping for, so they opted to add real embedded video with bulletproof fallback content (shown based on device and email client) to their “Christmas Appeal” campaign. This created one of the best email-led campaigns MS Society have conducted in recent years, not to mention a significant lift in email donations over the previous year’s campaign.

Lastly, global creative agency RAPP Worldwide had an even more complicated challenge of developing an email campaign for Toyota to support the launch of an all-new car, the C-HR. While increasing awareness and driving sales for a vehicle consumers had never seen before would be hard enough, the campaign needed to reflect Toyota’s design, manufacturing and engineering innovation while appealing to a brand new, large and diverse audience. Using customer data and tailored personalization, the campaign was one of Toyota’s most successful of the year.

Thank you to our RealTime Innovators featured in this edition, and we look forward to hearing about more innovative campaigns in 2018 and beyond!


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