Liveclicker Releases 2016 Contextual Email Marketing Report


Posted on October 20, 2016 by CUPERTINO, CA (PRWEB)

Liveclicker, Inc (, a global innovator in delivering rich experiences across email and the web, today announced the release and general availability of its 2016 Contextual Email Marketing Report. The first white paper of its kind, The Contextual Email Marketing Report is filled with Fortune 1000 email marketing performance analysis, broad industry usage trends, and in-depth technology best practices. More than a billion real-time content impressions were sampled over a year’s time to construct an extensive review of contextual email technology adoption and usage throughout America’s top-shelf organizations.

Among the many findings:

  • Duration of open, a key proxy metric for email marketing engagement, averaged 5.5 seconds for messages featuring contextual marketing content. This contrasts sharply with a 2010 study that indicated 51% of all email messages get deleted within 2 seconds of open.
  • LivePolling drove the highest clickthrough rate (CTR) of all contextual content types, with 24% of all openers clicking on this type of content when given the opportunity.
  • The Media & Entertainment vertical experienced the highest average duration of open of all industries; Health & Wellness experienced the highest CTR.

“With the 2016 Contextual Email Marketing Report, we set out with the singular goal of helping the industry develop a greater understanding of how the world’s most successful businesses were utilizing contextual email marketing content in the inbox,” said Justin Foster, Co-Founder and Vice President of Market Development at contextual email marketing provider Liveclicker. “Today’s modern marketer can now create a much richer, dynamic email marketing experience, with unparalleled potential for individual-level message personalization. This report highlights the contextual marketing strategies that work for marketers and outlines broad-based best practices to further enhance the potential of emerging email marketing technology.”

“This is an exciting time for the email industry,” said Rory Carlyle, Manager of Marketing Content at Liveclicker and co-author of the report. “Email marketing is often perceived as a mature industry largely devoid of ground-shifting breakthroughs. Today’s environment is different. While mobile device adoption and video carried the torch of innovation for a while, contextual email technology has radically changed the way brands can communicate with consumers, opening boundless opportunities to achieve broad-based relevance and break away from the competition.”

The 2016 Contextual Email Marketing Report is a comprehensive white paper and guide for email marketers seeking to better understand the mechanics and tactics behind contextual marketing success. Topics covered include:

  • Contrasting Contextual Email with Kinetic Design
  • Contextual Email Production Workflow
  • Lifecycle Marketing Implications
  • Benefits of Contextual Email Marketing
  • Technical Limitations
  • Inbox Acceptance Parameters
  • Key Success Metrics
  • Industry Adoption
  • Case Studies

To download a copy of the report, please visit –

About Liveclicker
Liveclicker delivers rich customer experiences for top-shelf brands across email and the web. Its RealTime Email technology brings static emails to life with contextual content updated at the moment an email opens. Founded in 2008, the company helps clients like Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond, Petco, eBags, Canadian Tire, Best Buy, 1-800-Flowers, and Under Armour drive increased email personalization and consumer engagement. For more information, please visit http://www.RealTime.Email


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