How LEGO and BistroMD Use Order Tracking Emails to Improve the Customer Experience


As an email marketer, you know how important it is to use real-time personalization to create engaging, effective email experiences. Yet the bar is constantly being raised, especially as your competition catches on.

This means you need to be more creative in your email personalization strategies and constantly consider innovative new approaches. (For example, who could have guessed that weather conditions could be used to create great marketing emails and even solve specific business challenges?)

Less clicking = more connecting

Now you can improve personalization—and stand apart in the inbox—by embedding customers’ order tracking information right in your order confirmation email.

According to Narvar’s Consumer Report 2017, Bots, Text, and Voice: What Cuts through the Clutterreport, 73% of consumers ranked order tracking as one of the most important messages they receive from retailers. That’s why we developed LiveTracker to give retailers and e-commerce companies a way to give their customers the experience they crave.

LiveTracker enables customers to track an order directly within a confirmation email or landing page. Unlike past approaches that added tracking links that took recipients away from your email (and usually to a third-party shipping site), embedded order tracking now lets you present a complete view of all the information customers need, all in your email.

This creates an engaging, helpful email experience your customers will appreciate. Just as importantly, it keeps them in your email longer and gives them a reason to open it again and again. That means marketers have more opportunities to cross-sell/upsell, solicit further engagement, and drive traffic to relevant content.

Leading brands experiencing success with LiveTracker

Many leading brands are already taking advantage of LiveTracker capabilities to add complete shipping details within their emails or custom landing pages.

Follow the LEGO bricks to … your order

For example, LEGO’s order confirmation email built excitement by letting customers know their order was on its way, and included their specific tracking number and the scheduled delivery date.

LEGO’s marketing team even had a little fun by creating a custom graphic that used LEGO’s iconic bricks in a new way to show the progress of the overall shipment. The email even included complete live package tracking details from the shipping provider, so recipients could see exactly where their order was.

BistroMD surprises and delights its audience

BistroMD also used LiveTracker to create highly personalized emails through the use of order-tracking information. The BistroMD campaign quickly caught the reader’s eye with a prominent headline that let them know their order had shipped.

From there, the email creative used first name personalization and served up everything the customer would want to know, including product order information, order-tracking details, and a custom graphic to show progress of the shipment.

Get on track for personalization success with LiveTracker

Email marketers have to do all they can to stay a step ahead of the competition and focus on connecting with customers in new and meaningful ways. This means they need to be as creative as possible with real-time personalization tools and strategies.

Embedding order tracking information in emails is a proven way to deliver more engaging customer experiences—and one that encourages consumers to continue to buy your products and services.

Feeling inspired by these awesome examples? Find even more ways to incorporate real-time personalization into your emails with our latest ebook, Automating Personalization: 5 Ways to Scale Relevance in Your Email Marketing.


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