3 Great Ways to Connect with Gen Z via Email


As a digital marketer, chances are good that you’re familiar with the challenges associated with marketing to Generation Z. After all, this is the generation that has a short attention span, is reputed not to use email, and seemingly threatens to kill any business that is not online. Tough crowd.

While these perceptions may have a kernel of truth, new findings show that there is another side of the coin—younger generations may even love email

If so, it’s good news because Gen Z is still an extremely important target demographic. Campaign Monitor recently surveyed hundreds of Gen Z individuals and published some interesting insights in its “Ultimate Guide to Marketing to Generation Z in 2019.”

For example, one research report shows that, by 2020, Gen Z is expected to account for 40% of all customers. Additionally, their buying power is $44 billion today, a number than expands to $600 billion when you consider the influence they have on their parents’ spending. That’s some serious clout.

Three ways to improve results for marketing to Gen Z

Clearly, Gen Z represents a significant opportunity, but only for those email marketers who are willing to implement innovative new ways to connect and engage with Gen Z in the way they prefer.

To help, here are three tips for creating valuable new email experiences Gen Z will love.

Tip 1: Use video to take the email experience up a notch

With so many marketing messages and various content competing for Gen Z’s attention, how can you create email campaigns that are sure to cut through the clutter?

The first thought is that have to do all you can to rethink traditional email approaches and deliver your message in creative new ways. For example, instead of continuing to present information in a static, text-heavy email, you need to think of new ways to surprise, even delight, your audience.

Adding video to email is a great way to do this, and it aligns with what Gen Zers prefer. According to recent research from the Pew Research Institute, the platform Gen Z uses the most is YouTube (85% report using it and 32% more say they use it the most of any social media site).

Imagine your recipient’s reaction to seeing a high quality video delivered right in the email itself. Three Liveclicker clients have used video in email to transform their campaigns, and you can, too.

[One quick note: Many marketers still think adding video to email is more challenging that you may think. If you’d like to learn just how easy it is, please check out this blog post.]

Tip 2: Always include a preference center

The Campaign Monitor survey examined the amount of email Gen Z currently receives, how often they would prefer to receive it, and the specific reasons they use email. It turns out that these results are mixed. Some individuals want to hear from brands daily; some prefer monthly.

One way to make sure you always give them what they want is to include a preference center. Using a preference center lets you ask your subscribers how frequently they want to hear from you and even lets them segment themselves into appropriate audiences and lists.

Tip 3: Don’t ignore newsletters

The Campaign Monitor survey also found that 39% of Gen Z respondents reported that they subscribe to 1-5 email newsletters yet 37.5%  say they subscribe to zero. Where those with a “glass-half-empty” view might think that email newsletters are already too popular, many more see them as a valuable new opportunity.

Why is this? For starters, remember that Gen Z is looking for authentic relationships with their preferred brands. Consumers are looking to buy from brands that appear human, and if they like what they see, they tend to become lifelong brand advocates.

Email newsletters provide the ideal opportunity for personal interactions with your brand, while also enabling you to provide helpful information and show your human side.

New strategies, new results

When it comes to email marketing to Generation Z, you can’t rely on the “same old, same old” approaches from the past. Instead, you need to consider innovative new ways to catch their attention, surprise them with engaging new experiences, and connect with them in entirely new ways. When you do, you’ll stand apart as a company they want to do business with, and hopefully, gain their lifetime loyalty.

To learn even more tips for marketing to Gen Z, check out the entirety of Campaign Monitor’s  “Ultimate Guide to Marketing to Gen Z in 2019” today!


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