4 Ways to Connect with Customers this Holiday Season


It’s no secret that the next few months can be some of the busiest. After all, there is a reason words like “hustle” and “bustle” are often coupled with the holiday season. Whether it’s holiday shopping or end-of-year giving, email marketers are working hard to put the finishing touches on several campaigns at once. The thought of adding anything more to your workload is daunting and intimidating.

And for your customers, the season is just as busy. Their inboxes are flooded with email, all the while missing what they seek most—connectedness. It’s something everyone is craving after everything that 2020 has brought and receiving emails that seem handpicked for them is one way to give your customers that sought-after feeling of connectedness to your specific brand.

As counterintuitive as it seems, email personalization doesn’t have to be time consuming and add to your workload. In fact, with an easy-to-use platform, adding dynamic content to your workflow can actually save you time and allow your team to be more nimble. Here are a few ideas on how you can use personalized components with your customers to help you achieve your year-end goals. 

Show customers seasonally relevant products

One great way to connect with customers is to ensure that the campaigns you send reflect information and creative that’s relevant to them.

You wouldn’t want to receive an email displaying winter wear if you lived in a warmer climate, and it’s almost insulting to be shown shorts and tank-tops while you don a heavy coat to scrape ice from your windshield. But creating separate email campaigns, segmenting lists, and managing multiple sends takes time — time many marketers just don’t have.

Utilizing dynamic images that automatically show the most relevant content based on an openers location or other environmental context means you don’t have to come up with separate email campaigns for each season and each geographical location. And you don’t have to worry about weather patterns changing. This gets seasonally relevant products directly to your customers while saving you time. 

Share multiple shopping options 

With this year’s pandemic, there have been a lot of unknowns, and it feels like information changes from one moment to the next. Plans for reopening change and then change again the moment they’re put to paper. 

The constant change is no less confusing and difficult to keep track of for consumers, regardless of how they shop. It’s especially true for those that insist on in-store shopping. 

And for email marketers, it can be time-consuming to design individual emails for the options at each location especially as those options constantly change. Using dynamic content emails can display the latest information for the opener’s nearest location, along with details about curbside and in-store pickups and the option to buy online. And if these details change after the email has been sent, there’s no need to send out corrected information because the email will update automatically, saving you time and providing your customers with multiple purchasing options right at their fingertips. 

Strengthen your follow-up game while simplifying online-order tracking

It’s easy for email marketers to focus all of their personalized content into pre-purchase campaigns, but the follow-up is just as important. One easy way to do that is to add a shipping tracker to a triggered order confirmation email. 

For your customers, it makes tracking those packages easy and convenient. It provides updated information while building excitement and anticipation while waiting for their package to arrive. The best part: it keeps you from losing them to the shipping provider’s site and gives you the opportunity to recommend additional products that might be of interest to your customers based on their purchase history without sending multiple emails. 

You can even add the latest best sellers from your website to your post-purchase emails for up-to-date content that you don’t have to worry about maintaining, saving you time and avoiding correction emails and frustrating user experiences as information changes.

How email marketers can snag a spot on the calendar

With the busyness that comes with the holiday season, you don’t want your customers to miss sales, events, and deadlines. With an add-to-calendar button, your subscribers can put your event on their books.

You can add to the hype by including a live counter of the number of subscribers that have added the event to their calendar and specifically target follow-up emails and deals for the customers who added the particular event to their calendars. 

Need more ideas on how to use email personalization to make memorable moments? Download the full email personalization guide here.


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