Creative Campaign Ideas to Make Your Competitors Green with Envy this St. Patrick’s Day


Everybody loves St. Patrick’s Day!

After all, what’s not to love about a holiday that inspires an entire community of consumers to have a little fun? For those marketing teams that get it right, St. Patrick’s Day can be a great way to market products and services that go hand in hand with this holiday. Yet even those brands with less obvious connections to St. Patrick’s Day can still get creative to improve marketing and sales results.

Why is this? The typical St. Patrick’s Day consumer is ready to celebrate and may only need a slight push to purchase additional products to make the day even more special. Much like Valentine’s Day, this holiday gives email marketers a unique opportunity to stand out in the inbox and capture their audience’s attention.

So this year, before you partake in any corned beef and cabbage (or possibly even green beer!) devise a winning St. Patrick’s Day marketing campaign. To help get you started, here are three St. Patrick’s Day examples that can bring your email marketing results to a whole new level.

Chico’s creates a splash using the color green

Chico’s, the women’s clothing and accessory retailer, created a St. Patrick’s Day campaign that urged recipient’s to “Give Green a Go.” The email creative included copy that promoted St. Patrick’s Day while displaying Chico’s latest, most appealing fashions in the color green.

The email also featured Liveclicker’s LiveMap advanced email experience functionality to direct consumers to the closest Chico’s store, and further motivated them with a compelling 40% off St. Patrick’s Day discount. Now who could refuse that combination?

Key takeaway: Show them! Display specific product images from your website so they can see exactly how they’d look on such a festive day, and create urgency with special holiday discounts.

Hot Topic uses animation to reach the end of the rainbow

Hot Topic, a multichannel retailer that uses many pop culture references in its apparel and accessories, captured customers’ attention by creating a fun St. Patrick’s Day game that would appeal to the specific demographic that shops at Hot Topic.

In this case, Hot Topic created an email that encouraged recipients to try to catch an animated leprechaun. When a consumer successfully clicked on the leprechaun, the LiveReveal advanced email experience revealed a specific discount. It was fun, but more importantly it created an engaging experience that encouraged recipients to click (and then shop).

Key takeaway: Get creative by personalizing emails with animations and other engaging email elements. It all adds up to an experience customers will love—and act on.  

Use St. Patrick’s Day to drive customer loyalty

Just like the Times Square countdown clock, Liveclicker’s LiveTimer can be used to create emails that generate excitement as they count down to any holiday. Not only does a countdown timer build suspense and create urgency, but when used in the right way, they can help generate impressive results—and revenue.

For example, consider a restaurant in Boston, New York, Chicago, or any other city with a large Irish population. This restaurant—or any other company—could create an email using a LiveTimer countdown clock to promote a special St. Patrick’s Day event. In this case, when the timer hits zero, the email would then reveal a special promotion or discount, which would generate increased interest, traffic, and ultimately, more business on the actual holiday.

Key takeaway: Engage your audience with a countdown clock—or other creative advanced email experience—to deliver new experiences that will motivate your recipients to take action.

Bolster your messaging and benefit

Hopefully, these tips and examples will inspire you to devise some new strategies that could help you improve your next St. Patrick’s Day campaign.

Yet remember, any holiday can be a perfect reason to get creative and have fun with your email marketing efforts. If you’re looking for even more holiday-related tips and best practices—even for made-up holidays!—download our complete holiday LookBook today.


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