How the Best Media Brands Boost Engagement with Personalized Email Newsletters


The workhorse of the marketing world—personalized email newsletters—are winning respect again from media brands and publishers that want to expand their subscriber bases and gather more first-party data.

These benefits haven’t changed over the years. What has, however, is the industry’s approach. Today, personalized email newsletters are one of the most effective ways to engage your audience, capture their attention, and deliver unique digital experiences that are personalized for each subscriber.

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Don’t Call It a Comeback

In many ways, Morning Brew is the standard-bearer for this new phase of personalized email newsletters across media and publishing. After all, it grew from a single newsletter in 2015 to a household online brand featuring a stable of seven daily marketing, tech, and finance newsletters that deliver an ever-changing array of original content.

Soon after, other media and publishing groups like news website Axios began adopting personalized email newsletters focused on general news content, special topics like business, politics, sports, or culture, local news, or some mix of all four.

Deliver Dynamic Content to Your Personalized Email Newsletters

To win in this new-age, hyper-competitive media environment, publishers will need innovative tools like dynamic content to make personalized email newsletters part of their subscribers’ daily routines.

Done well, dynamic content turns a static email full of manually curated content and hours of work into a perpetual, breaking news click-inspiring machine. Combined with live data feeds and personalized messaging, your brand can even update newsletters between the time you press send and your subscribers click open—making your email experience even easier and more valuable than your website’s homepage.

Save Time and Choose the Perfect Stories for Every Subscriber

Personalized email newsletters help media brands expand their audiences—without the need for new content. Using real-time engagement data and audience feedback, you can use the stories you’ve already produced to create even more brand loyalty, affinity, and (ideally) revenue.

They’re also a rich source of first-party data collected straight from the same subscriber base you’re working hard to learn more about every day. Data powers these ongoing interactions—paving the way for deeper, more meaningful email experiences and dynamic content updates down the road.

Want to make email newsletters work for you? Download our What Can Media and Publishing Learn from Retail’s Top Performers Guide for a few fresh ideas you can borrow from ecommerce’s proven, engagement-driven email strategies!


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