Turn Search Phrases into a Powerful Marketing Tool


Sooooo close, but no sale.

This is what happens when online shoppers put items in their cart but then abandon them, possibly never to return.

It’s such a frustrating experience for marketing teams who have invested so much time and energy into email campaigns, product descriptions, website design, remarketing tactics, and other digital marketing efforts.

From their experience, it all seemed to work. But like the fisherman who watches as a trophy fish approaches their lure, only to turn away, marketers see consumers walking away without making a purchase.

There is a way to put a positive spin on cart abandonment. For example, marketing teams have a significant opportunity to increases sales and revenues – if they can just find a way to engage shoppers and motivate them to complete the transaction.

New tactics, meaningful results

Yet the question remains: how can marketing teams accomplish this goal?

One way is to create much more relevant emails using moment-of-open data collected from users’ search phrases or their last category view.

For example, a large online travel company could tackle this challenge by creating targeted emails to offer even more options and promotions to those prospects who abandoned a search without completing a transaction.

Here’s how it would work: The company sends follow-up emails that display the first property listing the user viewed, clearly a cart abandonment tactic. In addition, these emails would offer four similar listings, highly targeted options that could be appealing in case the consumer doesn’t opt for the original offer.

Where would these four additional options come from? They create these engaging emails using data collected from each user’s specific search phrases on the company site as well as additional information, such as recent categories browsed.

This information would be updated right at the moment a prospect opens it – not when the email is sent – which makes the content much more relevant, engaging, and effective. This is a significant advantage for any company whose inventory pricing and availability is always changing.

Using moment-of-open data can help marketing teams create highly engaging, highly relevant emails to overcome site abandonment challenges and drive new sales.

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