The Top 10 Tactics for the Retail Marketer in 2019: A Video Infographic


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A new year means new opportunities for marketers in the retail, ecommerce, CPG, and adjacent spaces. 2019 offers unprecedented potential for brands to connect to customers and improve their bottom lines—if they know where to look.

Last year retail sales made the strongest gains in six years. However, fears of a U.S. recession following a year of healthy consumer spending has retail experts “cautiously optimistic” about 2019. Still, the prospect of a still-healthy economy should translate to a better-than-decent year for many retailers with positive predictions coming in for both online and retail sales.

So, let’s start the year off right.

Even though we don’t yet know exactly what the economy will look like for the 2019 Peak Season, there is still a real opportunity for retail marketers to connect with shoppers and hit their sales goals.

Out with the Old: Marketers Need New Strategies for Success

The opportunity for substantial growth is there, but retail marketers can’t expect to capitalize on it using stale approaches that may have worked in the past but don’t compete with cutting-edge brands today. For example, focusing on positive channel-specific experiences rather than a holistic customer experience just isn’t as effective as it once was.

Instead, marketers must embrace innovative new tools and strategies to create compelling new experiences, engage consumers with highly personalized messages, and transform cold prospects into loyal brand advocates. If they can accomplish these goals, retail marketers will truly stand apart from their competition and position their company to achieve the best results possible.

In with the New: “The Top 10 Tactics for the Retail Marketer”

As retail marketing teams come back from the holidays, energized and focused on the year ahead, what can they do to learn more and implement these new marketing strategies?

A new infographic can help. Oracle Marketing Cloud recently partnered with Liveclicker, a leading provider of real-time email personalization solutions, to produce “The Top 10 Tactics for the Retail Marketer.”

To borrow from the old Buick tagline, this is not your grandfather’s infographic. Instead, it’s completely animated to deliver a highly engaging experience that highlights 10 important ideas any retail marketer can and should implement to hit the ground running and gain a new marketing advantage in 2019.

Deliver a Better Experience

We don’t want to ruin the surprise, but it is worth noting that that the entire infographic focuses on the themes of improving customer engagement and the overall customer experience.

These are objectives we fully support, especially when it comes to retail marketing campaigns. Consumers today are overwhelmed with so many marketing messages, which all usually look and sound the same. They eventually become white noise to consumers, making it challenging for marketing teams to connect with customers in a meaningful way.

Yet like so many other marketing challenges, this situation can become an opportunity. For example, if retail marketing teams can create innovative, engaging email experiences that surprise and delight customers and prospects, they are much more likely to stand out in the crowd of voices and develop an ongoing relationship with the individual consumer.

Interested in learning more about email marketing tactics? View this new infographic now. It’s one of the best ways to start planning for a more successful – and more profitable – 2019.

Prefer a static version of the infographic? You can find it here.


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