What Media and Publishing Can Learn from Retail’s Top Performers

Retail leverages low-effort, high-impact tactics to make its email experience more compelling all the time—so why not offer your content consumers a similarly satisfying interaction?

Whether you have a paid subscription business model or not, exclusive access, more personalized messaging, and interactive content can help media and publishing brands overcome:

  • An increased demand for content volume and variety
  • Inefficient publishing and breaking news delivery processes
  • Audience segmentation, personalization, and engagement obstacles
  • The high level of effort required to market your content to ideal readers

By incorporating a few of the easy, engaging elements retail’s top-performing brands use to hook subscribers from one email to the next, you can make your messages more timely and flexible, give your list new ways to interact, and even tap into email marketing’s true business potential.

Download this guide to learn more about:

  • Making your email messaging more relevant, timely, and flexible
  • Pushing more (and better) content to your targeted audiences
  • Delivering live news and dynamic email updates to your readers
  • Build personalized email experiences that excite your subscribers
  • Find new ways and marketing channels to engage
  • Rethinking your email’s value exchange and remapping your customer journey


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