2021 Retail Personalization Index Consumer Survey: Value-Based Personalization is the Future of Retail Marketing

The past year has been one change after another. New challenges. New processes. And never-before-seen ways to get the job done. For retail, business as usual went out the window months ago.

As life begins to open back up in 2021, new buyer behaviors, priorities, and preferences will set a higher standard for your customer experience. And value-based personalization is your best option to deliver the meaningful, engaging interactions your brand needs.

Download the 2021 Retail Personalization Index Consumer Survey to discover:

  • Why health and safety need to be a top priority in your customer experience
  • How to better engage omnichannel shoppers and convert them into customers
  • Where you can take advantage of ecommerce and mcommerce growth trends
  • How to incorporate flexible, agile design frameworks into your personalization efforts
  • The true business potential of value-based personalization
  • Strategies that make your online interactions as valuable as face-to-face conversations

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