The Retail Marketer’s Guide to Email and CRM Tactics to Test Now

Consumer behavior is changing. Embracing new digital commerce channels and fulfillment experiences is critical for sustained success, with email playing a major role in customer satisfaction. And while an ESP migration could be a long-term solution to making your emails more impactful, your company needs results right now.

So, which tactics can help you create immediate revenue and engagement growth? And how can you implement real-time personalization without any extra budget, dev resources, or martech stack reorganization involved?

Download the guide to discover:

  • How to enhance your email marketing program’s performance
  • How to optimize your martech stack, budget, and dev resources
  • Personalization tactics you can use to drive better results right now
  • The importance of a seamless omnichannel customer experience
  • Ways to make your email promotions more effective
  • How to achieve customer loyalty without a loyalty program



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