We understand that it’s easy to get stuck in a creative rut, and sometimes it just takes a fresh idea or a little spark to help you get out of it.

This is exactly why we created our brand new “LookBook” – so named because it offers a detailed look at dozens of email campaigns and the specific best practices and personalization tactics that went into each one. Even better, these samples are not theoretical, or recommendations from us. They are actual, real-world campaigns – the best of the best! – that our clients created to achieve great success.

This guide to email personalization is organized around the customer lifecycle. We cover customer acquisition, growth, retention and a special bonus chapter on how to do the holidays right. Each of one of these sections has more than one example, along with our own analysis of what made each execution so successful, so you can get many different ideas for almost any  type of email you’d ever want to send.

Download the LookBook today.



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