Email Innovators: Building Trust and Engagement with TrustedHousesitters and Bond Brand Loyalty

Creative marketers are using the Liveclicker platform to push the boundaries of what’s possible with email, finding new ways to engage subscribers and make their teams more efficient. In this edition of Email Innovators, we highlight the work of Bond Brand Loyalty and TrustedHousesitters as they drive big business results and stand out among the competition with advanced personalization.

Boosting engagement and slashing production time

Liveclicker’s capabilities are the perfect way for Bond to stand out and provide a competitive differentiation in email services from other agencies. Using dynamic content, they were able to drive significant incremental growth in critical campaigns for their clients. Thanks to the user-friendly nature of the platform, the development team significantly cut down on time and resources required to build engaging email elements.

A huge benefit we see with Liveclicker is the time savings to production. Once we started using it, we discovered how easy it was to implement the features.
~Vivian Li, Marketing Automation Manager

Bond Brand Loyalty wanted to offer increased personalization and dynamic email options to their clients without having a significant increase in production time. To excellently serve a variety of clients, they needed to implement a tool that would allow them to easily execute on their creative dynamic content ideas without huge added costs and production time.

Bond is so excited to use more advanced personalization, it created a ‘super email’ featuring 14 different personalization elements to showcase its creative new capabilities to clients and prospects.

Innovation pays off:

  • Up to 4% incremental click rate improvement for clients’ critical holiday campaigns
  • A unique, accessible differentiating service offer not available from most agencies
  • Dramatic reduction in resources required to incorporate personalization into campaigns
  • A dazzling sales asset that demonstrates Bond’s personalization capabilities to prospects and clients

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Authentic engagement that inspires trust

TrustedHousesitters brought authentic, emotional engagement to the inbox by making clever use of the video medium to increase engagement, build a community, and inspire trust among their subscribers. 

When the brand needed a way to persuade members who were yet to take the next step and use their service consistently, TrustedHousesitters realized they needed users to fully understand the platform and feel safe using it. This meant addressing people’s hesitations with having a ‘stranger’ in the home — a key business challenge preventing potential members from deciding to trust the platform and therefore convert.

The campaign received over 700 responses (the primary KPI for this program), more than double the duration of open, and delivered a significant lift in conversion rate.

The solution was an authentic video of real TrustedHousesitters members discussing house and pet sitting. This was the first time both owners and sitters were filmed together, and the candid video revealed the ways in which they communicate and bond before a sit starts. 

Rather than clicking out to a landing page, the marketing team embedded the streaming video directly into the email, providing a seamless customer experience and amplifying the message’s viewership. The result was a huge lift in engagement, conversions, and customer responses.

Innovation pays off:

  • Over 700 customer responses; the primary KPI for the campaign
  • Significant lift in conversion rate over typical campaign performance
  • More than doubled the duration of open, keeping customers engaged longer

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Email Innovation takeaways

Become an Email Innovator yourself with these potent tips and takeaways:

Advanced personalization makes you stand out in the inbox and marketplace. As we learned from Bond Brand Loyalty, few organizations are delivering the kind of advanced personalization that truly engages customers. Use it to get a competitive edge!

Use video to express complex emotional messages. When you’re trying to build trust and confidence to act, few media are as effective and flexible as video. TrustedHousesitters showed how an authentic, empathetic video incorporated into their email was enough to help hundreds of users feel more comfortable about welcoming ‘strangers’ into their home.

Don’t make things harder than they need to be. Implementing advanced personalization or embedding streaming video into emails campaigns is challenging and time consuming if you’re on your own. Both of our Email Innovators used an advanced personalization platform to save time and make achieving their objectives easier.


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