Enhance Your Email Personalization: 6 Best Practices for Standing Out in the Inbox in 2021

After a year where brick and mortar stores were shuttered and online shopping skyrocketed, consumers are receiving an overwhelming amount of email marketing messages. To have any hope of cutting through the clutter and catching customers’ attention, retailers must embrace email personalization. 

Done well, email personalization helps mid-market retailers challenge industry juggernauts like Amazon. This guide, based on the exhaustive research behind Sailthru and Liveclicker’s fourth annual Retail Personalization Index, outlines the strategies, tips, and trends you can use to grow revenue and become globally competitive.

Download the guide to learn more about:

  • How leading retail brands are using email personalization to set themselves apart
  • The benefits of building personalized subject lines
  • How to embrace embrace personalization across every step of your customer journeys
  • Use cases from Thrive MarketTechStyle Fashion GroupBloomingdale’sUltaTarget, and Best Buy


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