Email Innovators: Creative Solutions to Complex Challenges with Hot Topic and Visualsoft

Creative marketers are using the Liveclicker platform to push the boundaries of what’s possible with email, finding new ways to engage subscribers and make their teams more efficient. In this edition of Email Innovators, we highlight the work of Hot Topic and Visualsoft as they drive big results for clients and craft irresistible email promotions with advanced personalization.

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Interactivity + mystery = unsurprising results

Hot Topic runs creative ‘mystery scratcher’ email campaigns that invite subscribers to open to discover a special deal or personalized discount. But maintaining the back-end technical infrastructure that produced unique coupon codes was tedious and time consuming, and the campaigns were missing a key element to make their tantalizing mystery experiences truly irresistible: interactivity.

Dynamic content helps us personalize at scale and keep customers engaged. With interactive offers, we’re able to keep customers coming back to email as a source of information and entertainment. Plus, with Liveclicker, we got an entire day of work back!

The Hot Topic team transformed its passive promotions into engaging, tactile experiences with clever use of Liveclicker’s dynamic content capabilities. Now subscribers tap, click, or ‘scratch’ to reveal their customized offer, adding an element of excitement and agency to the tantalizing mystery experience.

The Liveclicker platform also streamlined the generation and management of personalized coupon codes, leading to tremendous savings in time and resources. The new approach to these campaigns is now not only much faster and more flexible; it drives far better marketing results

Innovation pays off:

  • 30% Increase in Click-to-Open Rate
  • 14% Increase in Conversion Rate
  • Huge Reduction in Production Time

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Staying indispensable to clients with creative new data source

Visualsoft regularly innovates creative new solutions for its clients’ many marketing challenges. For example; when FitKit UK needed a deeper understanding of subscribers so it could send them more relevant content, Visualsoft presented an elegant solution: simply ask them!

Visualsoft helped design a campaign using interactive, dynamic polling embedded right in emails to directly ask subscribers about their needs and preferences, to great success. Email’s flexibility and unmatched 1:1 messaging capabilities made sending questions to individuals and receiving discrete responses back easy and scalable.

Using interactive in-email polling generated with the Liveclicker platform, Visualsoft was able to easily assist its client in gathering critical data, which has already driven huge growth in content effectiveness and email KPIs.

Innovation pays off:

  • 272% increase on email clicks
  • Significant lift in conversion rate over typical campaign performance
  • 298% increase in orders placed from email marketing
  • 59% increase in email conversion rates

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Innovation takeaways

Become an Email Innovator yourself with these potent tips and takeaways:

Interactivity is key. Traditionally, email has been a relatively “flat” and passive one-way marketing channel. But as we learned with Hot Topic, unlocking interactive experiences with dynamic technology can make your campaigns far more engaging and effective.

When in doubt, ask. Want to know what subscribers think and want? You could go through some complex and expensive data-collection exercises…or you could just ask them. A simple embedded email poll is a great way to learn more about your audiences and, as Visualsoft showed FitKit UK, it can leads to huge improvement in conversion metrics.

Don’t make things harder than they need to be. Implementing dynamic content into emails campaigns is challenging and time consuming if you’re on your own. Both of our Email Innovators used an advanced personalization platform to save time and make achieving their objectives easier.


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