Your Blueprint for Better Email Results: 9 Data-Driven Tactics to Build Your Next Campaign Around

For years, you’ve invested serious time, money, and effort into collecting every data point possible on potential buyers before serving them the most relevant, engaging, and—ultimately—effective email messages possible.

But that’s all about to change. So, which data-driven tactics can you build your next email campaign around to inspire success?

Download this guide to learn more about:

  • Apple Mail Privacy Protection changes and why ESP tags, CSV files, and API calls will be more important than ever
  • Driving loyalty and future conversions through first-party data
  • Encouraging engagement through retargeting campaigns
  • Connecting your email experience with third-party apps to drive better results
  • Appealing to busy shoppers with appointment scheduling emails
  • Personalized product recommendations and reviews
  • Increasing in-store traffic through email
  • Building audience excitement through dynamic content
  • Growing online revenue with live product rankings and recommendations


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