63% of consumers and 60% of brands believe that personalization is an important part of any retailer’s customer experience. But that’s where the similarities stop.

Discover the difference between retailer and consumer perceptions, new data privacy approaches, and easy ways to better serve your customers in an increasingly cross-channel communications era.

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Retailers have been catapulted into the age of agile marketing. And only 34% of consumers believe these brands excel at personalization.

Learn more about the Top 100 retailers reshaping the customer experience, how the industry’s top performers connect with customers across all channels, and how your brand compares to retail’s best.

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Gen Z is rewriting the rules of consumer engagement when it comes to technology, shopping, media, brand loyalty, and more.

While research has shown how Gen Z is different from any other generation, why these differences matter, and what that means for retailers everywhere has remained hidden. Until now.

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Creative marketers are using the Liveclicker platform to push the boundaries of what’s possible with email, finding new ways to engage customers, and make their teams more efficient. In this edition of Email Innovators, we highlight the work of WWE, Kabam, and Insider as they drive big results and craft irresistible email promotions using advanced personalization.

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WWE Brings the Excitement of Wrestling to the Inbox

Larger-than-life personalities. Captivating stories. Lots and lots (and lots) of action.

There’s no shortage of reasons to love professional wrestling. But how do you translate the kinetic drama that draws fans to the ring time and time again to email; a medium that is often considered flat and static?

For WWE, the world’s premier wrestling media brand, the answer was as elegant and potent as a Stone Cold Stunner: embedded email video.

Innovation pays off:

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Kabam Saves the Day with Super-Fun Emails

Rich stories, profound lore, and immersive worlds help Kabam Inc. captivate millions of people all over the world. By putting amazing experiences and new ways to have fun in the hands of mobile gamers everywhere, Kabam lives its mission by entertaining the world one interaction at a time.

So, what happens when Kabam applies this fun-first approach to email marketing? After incorporating more interactive content like embedded polls, tap-to-reveal character and feature releases, videos, dynamic images, and more, Kabam’s users now see the company as a hero that puts on its cape every day to protect the world from inbox boredom.

Innovation pays off:

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The Inside Scoop on Insiders High-Performance Emails

First impressions matter. So when global news and lifestyle publisher Insider sends welcome emails to make that first contact with new subscribers, it knows to do it with style. 

The legendary media brand, which boasts 250 million readers worldwide, delivers a sophisticated and comprehensive welcome series packed with a variety of captivating tactics that initiate better relationships and set the tone for what customers can expect. The incorporating of video content quickly informs viewers, enables an invaluable emotional connection, and—most importantly—drives big results.

Innovation pays off:

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Innovation takeaways

Become an Email Innovator yourself with these relevant tips and takeaways:

Embrace change. As audience and business needs evolve, your ability to pivot at the drop of a hat has never been more important. Being able to segment readers based on where they reside is an extremely valuable first step to not only deliver more relevant content, but to engage with customers and learn about changes before they’re mission-critical.

Encourage omnichannel engagement. Online engagement is a trend that is here to stay. So, you need to have a plan in place for reaching and converting omnichannel shoppers into loyal subscribers.

Design with flexibility in mind. Agility is one of the biggest advantages any business can have. Especially when combined with personalized content. Email templates and pre-written messaging are easy wins that can keep your company nimble regardless of the challenges it encounters.

Retail leverages low-effort, high-impact tactics to make its email experience more compelling all the time—so why not offer your content consumers a similarly satisfying interaction?

Whether you have a paid subscription business model or not, exclusive access, more personalized messaging, and interactive content can help media and publishing brands overcome:

By incorporating a few of the easy, engaging elements retail’s top-performing brands use to hook subscribers from one email to the next, you can make your messages more timely and flexible, give your list new ways to interact, and even tap into email marketing’s true business potential.

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For years, you’ve invested serious time, money, and effort into collecting every data point possible on potential buyers before serving them the most relevant, engaging, and—ultimately—effective email messages possible.

But that’s all about to change. So, which data-driven tactics can you build your next email campaign around to inspire success?

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Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection gives users several new ways to safeguard their data against senders who don’t have permission to collect it.

So, what does this mean for your marketing strategy and the future of email?

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The past year has been tough for marketers everywhere. In fact, 59% have felt like quitting their current job at one point. The pressure is real —and it’s not going away anytime soon.

So, how can you accomplish all of your goals and feel more fulfilled without any extra work? Learn how you can use automation and data-driven strategy to do more with less and start working smarter instead of harder.

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This year, smart marketers will capitalize on 2020’s lessons to thrive in the make-it-or-break-it Q4 holiday shopping season. Successful marketers will understand how strategic, personalized messaging helps them meet customers where they are now whether that means welcoming newcomers or rewarding brand loyalists. 

In this playbook:

Consumer behavior is changing. Embracing new digital commerce channels and fulfillment experiences is critical for sustained success, with email playing a major role in customer satisfaction. And while an ESP migration could be a long-term solution to making your emails more impactful, your company needs results right now.

So, which tactics can help you create immediate revenue and engagement growth? And how can you implement real-time personalization without any extra budget, dev resources, or martech stack reorganization involved?

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