How Pet Parent Personalization Drove 80% More Revenue for Rover

Rover had a question: Would dynamically personalizing email content based on customers’ dog breeds drive more sales for the Rover Store? And could the team pull that off without developer resources? With Liveclicker, the answer was yes.

Rover used the Liveclicker platform to deliver dynamic hero images featuring dog breeds specific to the opener, and using Liveclicker’s A/B testing capabilities, tested this campaign against a generic email template. Both emails featured calls-to-action to visit the Rover Store, where people could buy “proud dog parent” merchandise such as t-shirts, pillows, mugs and other breed-specific swag.  The result? Pet parents love personalization. The personalized hero images delivered a whopping 80% more revenue than their generic counterparts.

The results:

  • 200% more tests with Liveclicker than with their previous vendor
  • 80% increase in revenue over generic email
  • Huge reduction in production time


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