How a Happy Birthday Helped NASCAR Increase Revenue by 308%

NASCAR knows the power of a birthday email. While the team was already seeing great results from timely and personalized offers, they thought adding a bit of fun and interactivity to their messages could increase engagement and make a big impact on their bottom line.

Using the Liveclicker platform, NASCAR took its messaging above and beyond, turning a simple birthday discount into a birthday surprise. With Sailthru’s A/B testing capabilities, NASCAR tested a static image against a “peel-to-reveal” mystery offer. Both emails offered discounts, incentivizing customers to click through to the shop. However, the peel-to-reveal email transformed the passive promotion into a tactile, engaging experience that openers loved. 

The results:

  • 94% increase on in conversions
  • 308% increase in revenue
  • 161% increase in site visits 
  • 406% in orders YOY


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