Rover had a question: Would dynamically personalizing email content based on customers’ dog breeds drive more sales for the Rover Store? And could the team pull that off without developer resources? With Liveclicker, the answer was yes.

Rover used the Liveclicker platform to deliver dynamic hero images featuring dog breeds specific to the opener, and using Liveclicker’s A/B testing capabilities, tested this campaign against a generic email template. Both emails featured calls-to-action to visit the Rover Store, where people could buy “proud dog parent” merchandise such as t-shirts, pillows, mugs and other breed-specific swag.  The result? Pet parents love personalization. The personalized hero images delivered a whopping 80% more revenue than their generic counterparts.

The results:

NASCAR knows the power of a birthday email. While the team was already seeing great results from timely and personalized offers, they thought adding a bit of fun and interactivity to their messages could increase engagement and make a big impact on their bottom line.

Using the Liveclicker platform, NASCAR took its messaging above and beyond, turning a simple birthday discount into a birthday surprise. With Sailthru’s A/B testing capabilities, NASCAR tested a static image against a “peel-to-reveal” mystery offer. Both emails offered discounts, incentivizing customers to click through to the shop. However, the peel-to-reveal email transformed the passive promotion into a tactile, engaging experience that openers loved. 

The results:

BrandsMart USA relies on a robust marketing strategy for welcoming new customers and keeping in touch with its loyal audience. After noticing a dip in engagement, along with the revenue that engagement brings, the brand needed a platform that offered marketing teams easy solutions for building engaging, dynamic campaigns without excessive training.

The marketing team at BrandsMart found that the robust offerings in the Liveclicker platform allowed them to implement a wide variety of dynamic content and advanced personalization without slowing down production times: a win for customers and marketers alike.

The results:

When FitKit UK needed to know more about its subscribers, digital agency Visualsoft presented an elegant solution: ask them, with email. Using Liveclicker’s platform, they were able to effortlessly embed interactive polls within emails campaigns and gather powerful insights that translated to big impact.

The results:

Discover how Visualsoft provides innovative solutions to its clients’ complex business needs with Liveclicker in this case study.

The Hot Topic team transformed its passive ‘mystery scratcher’ email promotions into engaging, tactile experiences with clever use of Liveclicker’s dynamic content capabilities.The addition of this interactive email campaign element and technical infrastructure led to more engaging campaigns produced in a fraction of the time.

The results:

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Bond Brand Loyalty wanted to offer increased personalization and dynamic email options to their clients without having a significant increase in production time. They implement Liveclicker’s intuitive platform to easily execute on their creative dynamic content ideas without huge added costs and production time.

The results:

Learn how Bond drove better results for clients quickly and easily (and get a peak at their dazzling example email!).

Torrid recently updated its brand and customer experience to better reflect its message, mission, and relationship with its customers. It needed to renovate its loyalty program so it could keep loyal customers up to date with the latest information regarding their account status and rally the community to the new brand vision.

TrustedHousesitters’ marketers had a complicated mission: persuade subscribers to sign up to let ‘strangers’ into their home! The solution? Craft an authentic, compelling video that inspires confidence and trust to use the brand’s service—and put it right into their email campaigns.

The results were even better than expected, earning acclaim for the marketing team and paving the way for future creative projects:

Best of all, incorporating the video into email campaigns was effortless and straightforward thanks to the Liveclicker platform. Learn how they did it in the complete case study.

LEGOLAND effortlessly snaps together an irresistible mix of interactive content and advanced personalization to build excitement and attendance for new locations.

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Hot Topic partnered with Liveclicker to develop product-centric emails that were both personalized and could be updated in real time.

Using Liveclicker, they were able to create an email that highlighted the fact that a product was now available in stores. Then, when the product also became available online, the image automatically changed to a new link to promoting online shopping. Hot Topic was even able to use a grayed out image to show when a product was out of stock.

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