RealTime Email Innovators: Overcome Past Challenges and Achieve Impressive New Results


We always want to help our clients improve their marketing results, whether it’s rethinking existing marketing challenges or using real-time email personalization strategies to accomplish new goals.

This is the idea behind our RealTime Email Innovators program, a series of topical case studies that offer a detailed look at how many leading companies are achieving success using Liveclicker solutions. Each case study provides real-world examples in our attempt to give you specific tips, tricks, and best practices to transform your marketing efforts.

We’re happy to unveil two new RealTime Email Innovators: Alfred Dunhill Limited and Hot Topic. Both of these leading retailers faced difficult challenges related to traditional marketing approaches. Fortunately, both brands were able to use real-time personalization to devise innovative new email marketing strategies to overcome past obstacles and improve the way they engaged their customers and prospects.

Dunhill Limited Creates a More Engaging Customer Experience

For example, Dunhill initially approached Liveclicker to improve the way it promoted its presence at the annual Fashion Week in Paris. Specifically, the retailer wanted to generate as much anticipation and excitement as possible for the showcase event of Fashion Week: the prestigious Men’s Fashion Show.

Dunhill’s marketing team used Liveclicker’s real-time email personalization platform and services to create a three-touch email campaign. The first email offered a full-motion video trailer to announce the brand’s presence at the Paris Fashion Week. The second email featured a countdown timer, which was set to 15 minutes before the show started and then revealed a live video stream of the fashion show. The final email contained a recording of the fashion show as well as various product images to encourage the audience to click for more highlights.

A Time-Based Strategy Overcomes Past Challenges for Hot Topic

Additionally, Hot Topic partnered with Liveclicker to create a time-based targeting strategy and highly dynamic product-centric emails that updated in real time to deliver a better customer experience.

Such an approach was needed as an improvement over past email marketing efforts. Hot Topic used to send marketing emails as soon as a product was available on its site, yet these products would often sell out before all subscribers even received the email. The entire experience was frustrating for those customers who couldn’t act fast enough to get the product they saw in email.

With Liveclicker technology, Hot Topic created an email using RealTime Email’s LiveImage capability that highlighted the fact that the product was now available in stores. Then, when the product also became available online, the image automatically swapped to offer a new link to promote online shopping. Hot Topic was even able to use a grayed out image to show when a product was out of stock.

Interested in learning more about these examples, and how you can use real-time email personalization to achieve powerful new business results? We invite you to download our RealTime Email Innovators case studies for more information.


Liveclicker enables personalization at the moment of open. Our platform helps marketers adjust emails at any time—even after they reach the inbox—so your message is always relevant and impactful.


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