Liveclicker Scales New Heights in Adaptive Personalization Tools for Email Marketing Campaigns


Originally posted on July 17, 2018 by MarTechSeries.

Liveclicker Powers Next-Generation Email Experiences with Release of Adaptive Personalization Tools; New Suite of Capabilities Allows Marketers to Evolve Email Marketing Programs on the Fly with Continuous Testing, Behavioral Data, and Predictive Targeting

To help email marketers remove all the roadblocks in their email marketing personalization campaigns, Liveclicker has announced the general release of a suite of Adaptive Personalization tools for its flagship product, RealTime Email. Marketing teams had always wished for an adaptive personalized email automation suite that could help them deliver the best person-centric messages. The messages could be crafted based on personal buying behavior, internet search patterns, context and other key audience targeting metrics.

RealTime Email would empower marketers with the ability to easily discover and automatically deliver their best person-centric message based on ever-changing consumer preferences, behaviors, and context. 

Say Good-Bye to a Complicated Workflow Involved in Email Marketing Personalization

Adaptive Personalization removes barriers commonly related to driving email relevance and program performance by applying automation to testing, targeting, and optimization. As a result, Liveclicker clients can eliminate much of the manual work associated with campaign testing, decisioning and setup, targeting and segmentation, and complicated data integration.

At the time of this announcement, Justin Foster, Co-Founder and VP Market Development at Liveclicker, said, “The marketers who are winning at the personalization game have discovered how to activate customer data at scale.”

Justin added, “These new industry advances give sophisticated marketers an even sharper edge: an automated way to adapt their personalization in real time to power the most potent digital consumer interactions.”

Included in the release are three key capabilities that facilitate this real-time decisioning and personalization automation —

Adaptive Testing

With Adaptive Testing, marketers are assured they are driving the best results possible for their email program efforts. Continuous message optimization is achieved by augmenting Liveclicker’s industry-leading Live A/B Testing capability. With Adaptive Testing, a test is continuously applied to a subset of email recipients over time, enabling winning tests to evolve for both promotional and triggered email programs.

Adaptive Experiences

Now, email marketers can leverage a single solution to collect consumer behavior from within a mobile app, email, or website to drive automated email personalization. For example, a user’s in-app purchase can automatically cause new content to appear within a marketer’s next promotional email campaign or subsequent open of an existing campaign.

Adaptive Targeting

Overcomes geo-targeting limitations inherent in rendering live content in email, powered by machine learning technology that improves over time. One large retailer used this capability to geo-target email communications and within a week saw a thirteen percent increase in the number of geo-targeted offers served.

How Email Marketers Could Benefit from Liveclicker’s Adaptive Personalization Tools

David Daniels, CEO and founder, The Relevancy Group, said, “Email relevance, optimization, and automation are top priorities for marketers today, but many still struggle with these table-stakes strategies – and that’s exactly the challenge that Liveclicker is addressing with these new Adaptive Personalization capabilities.”

David added, “Whether you’re looking to launch continuously optimized triggered messages or get unique personalized experiences to market fast, Liveclicker has got you covered.”

These new capabilities are available immediately for Liveclicker clients via the company’s RealTime Email platform and Behavioral Profiles solution. Liveclicker clients leverage data from multiple sources, in real time, including open-time data, live business-context data, behavioral data, and user preference data to deliver truly personalized content, simply and at scale.

Currently, Liveclicker is a global provider of real-time email personalization solutions for B2C marketers. Since the release of its VideoEmail platform in 2009, marketers have used Liveclicker to captivate consumers and drive program performance. Today, top brands such as 1-800-FLOWERS, AT&T, MasterCard, Lowe’s, Hertz and Samsung rely on the company’s market-leading RealTime Email solution to deliver engaging, personalized messages, simply and at scale.


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