Improve Cart Abandonment in the New Year


This is the time of year when some New Year’s resolutions start to fade, especially if they were a little too ambitious. After all, the biggest changes can be the hardest to stick with.

But there is good news. Even relatively small changes can make a huge difference. For example, improving cart abandonment tactics can lead to significant new results, such as increased sales, revenues, and profits. Even better, all of this is achievable using Liveclicker’s unique moment-of-open personalization technology.

Baby come back …

It’s no secret that online retailers face abandonment issues, even on a daily basis. Research has shown that up to 75 percent of consumers admit to leaving a site after placing items in their shopping cart. This represents way too many potential sales that today’s brands are missing out on.

There is something they can do to overcome the issue. Other research shows that 60 percent of consumers will make actually make a purchase if they receive a cart abandonment email within 24 hours of leaving their shopping cart.

Yet retailers still need to be careful. If the emails are poorly designed and executed, they could alienate prospects, and even risk driving them away permanently. For example, 55 percent of consumers report that lack of relevance leads them to ignore or opt-out of emails , and nearly 25 percent say it’s easier to delete the message than opt-out, further skewing the full picture of the customer experience.

All of this adds up to one crucial question: How can today’s marketing teams create and deploy cart abandonment emails that their customers will love?

It’s all about balance

Personalization is a critical advantage when it comes to cart abandonment campaigns, especially in the way it can serve up the content that marketing teams know will be encouraging to customers and prospects and stimulate them to take the right action.

This is exactly the type of experience that retailer KEEP Collective has had, and what has led it to consider using Liveclicker’s real-time personalization technology to improve its cart abandonment campaigns. Using Liveclicker, KEEP Collective will be able to create much more targeted, relevant, and effective email.

For example, when a user leaves their cart, they will automatically receive an email that says, “You left your bag. But don’t worry, we grabbed everything for you. Go get it.” The email template will then offer whatever items that were left in the cart.

But most important, the moment-of-open technology will allow KEEP Collective to only show those items that are actually still in stock. This will eliminate any frustration that could be caused by a customer attempting to purchase items only to find that they are now sold out. The technology will also remove any items a customer may have purchased, leading to a highly relevant email that drives engagement and results.

Thanks to Liveclicker’s real-time email personalization technology, KEEP Collective will be able to “rescue” sales that might have otherwise slipped through the cracks and increase its customers’ brand loyalty.

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Liveclicker enables personalization at the moment of open. Our platform helps marketers adjust emails at any time—even after they reach the inbox—so your message is always relevant and impactful.


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