Hot Topic

Surprise! Interactive mystery promotions drive email performance

The Hot Topic team transformed its passive ‘mystery scratcher’ email promotions into engaging, tactile experiences with clever use of Liveclicker’s dynamic content capabilities.The addition of this interactive email campaign element and technical infrastructure led to more engaging campaigns produced in a fraction of the time.


The Results:

  • 30% Increase in Click-to-Open Rate
  • 14% Increase in Conversion Rate
  • Huge Reduction in Production Time

Learn how adding an element of surprise led to not-so-surprising results in this case study.


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Liveclicker relies on AWS infrastructure to dynamically and automatically scale processing capabilities to match customer activity when it is most needed, and to scale back when it isn’t. Liveclicker can better support clients with greater redundancy and resilience against failure through the use of multi-AZ architectures. Finally, AWS provides Liveclicker and the Marigold family of brands with a number of useful automated backup tools that allow us to ensure the availability of data in the event of a catastrophic failure.