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Let’s face it. Marketers constantly need new technology and powerful tools to cut through the clutter, stay a step ahead of the competition, and generate the best results possible.

Testing is a perfect example of this. Marketers are always looking for advanced testing capabilities, especially because traditional testing methods are usually time-consuming, manual efforts. Worse, testing may not deliver the full intelligence marketers demand, requiring them to make further updates as they attempt to optimize email content.

Yet, what if there was a better way? What if marketers could take advantage of technology to automatically ensure that the best content is displayed for the full life of their campaigns?

The good news is that now they can with a powerful new suite of capabilities in the RealTime Email platform.

The Future of Testing is Here Now

These new capabilities, collectively called Adaptive Personalization, remove the obstacles that once made it difficult to make content as relevant as possible. Our Adaptive Personalization tools automate testing, targeting, and optimization processes, enabling marketers to deliver the most relevant messages based on constantly changing variables such as consumer behavior, preferences, context, and more.

The Adaptive Personalization suite includes many new features and capabilities, but one of the most innovative is Adaptive Testing.

With Adaptive Testing, marketers hold back a percentage of subscribers for constant testing (even after an initial winner is chosen). This audience receives content that dynamically changes based on continuous testing results, giving marketers a new way to automate the decision-making process and optimize email content at all times.

Adaptive Testing is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Marketing teams only have to set up the rules once and upload the most relevant content. Not only does this save valuable time and effort, but marketers will rest assured knowing that the winning test will automatically evolve in response to changing customer inputs.

  Adaptive Testing provides a number of important benefits:

  • • Eliminates the need to manually segment lists, run multiple deployments, or change copy post-send with results that improve automatically as time passes.
  • • Maximizes the performance of large promotional email distributions by ensuring test results are optimized for the entire database.
  • • Drives revenue per email in triggered programs by continuously swapping content over a period of hours, days, or even months.
Adaptive Testing in Action

To understand just how powerful Adaptive Testing can be, consider the case of a theme park using this new capability.

The park sends a marketing email on a Tuesday to attempt to generate interest and drive attendance for the upcoming weekend. A winning CTA is automatically selected via Live A/B testing. In this case, the winning result is a call to action that creates urgency by telling customers they only have two days to take advantage of this offer.

But as the week goes on, Adaptive Testing kicks in. Now, the weather forecasts predicts rain, so the winning call to action automatically updates to show a discount to attend an indoor park, based entirely on email click activity.

Without Adaptive Testing, the park would have been hard pressed to capitalize on changing circumstances in time to influence results. At best, it would have taken extra time, thought, and effort. At worst, they would have missed the opportunity completely.

How to Use Adaptive Testing in RealTime Email

Here’s how it works. A new toggle called “Continuous Testing” is now available in RealTime Email. This feature is displayed when A/B testing is enabled and when “winner picking” has been toggled to on.

When continuous testing is turned on, a “Holdback Percentage” option also appears. This is the percentage that will be tested after a winner has been selected.

Losing content from the initial A/B test is tested against the winning content over time in the holdback group, until – or if – the losing content begins to beat the previous winner. It is then displayed as the best possible email creative.

Get Started Today

With Adaptive Testing, powerful, innovative testing capabilities are now a reality. Adaptive Testing removes traditional barriers while giving marketers an easy way to discover and deliver their best email content. As a result, they can do what they do best: Drive program performance, create lift, and generate positive results.

Ready to gain a new edge in email marketing? Learn more about Adaptive Testing and our new Adaptive Personalization capabilities here.  


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