How to Avoid 9 Holiday Retail Revenue Killers with The Power of Email


The holiday season presents an enormous revenue opportunity for retail brands. Sailthru found that 58% of retail marketers expect between 21-50% of annual revenues to be generated from holiday shopping.

But with that opportunity comes a long list of logistical, competitive, and technical marketing challenges that stand between you and your targets for the year. Left unaddressed, those obstacles hobble marketing effectiveness and threaten crucial revenue flows during the most critical time of the year.

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Email to the Rescue…Or Not?

Email is a vital part of the holiday marketing mix for retailers. After all, it’s one of the only channels that enables 1:1 communication with your audience at the volume and scale of a broad, elaborate holiday campaign. There’s a reason it consistently ranks among the highest ROI drivers of all marketing tactics.

Retail email marketing remedies a lot of problems for marketers, but it comes with its own difficulties. As one of the oldest digital marketing channels, email UX and flexibility hasn’t always kept up with its younger, flashier cousins. 

The intensity and hubbub of the holiday season only exaggerates those difficulties. Some examples:

  • • Inventory availability and deals change rapidly for retailers during peak season, but traditionally emails are only able to promote a fixed promotion of a product or offer
  • • Big shopping holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday lead to huge email send volumes, creating technical deployment issues, ESP delays and long email queues
  • • Email is often best used to drive immediate ecommerce transactions; however, consumers tend to spend more overall when doing their holiday shopping in-store
Drive More Revenue This Holiday Season

Fortunately there are answers to these and many other related retail holiday headaches. Combining dynamic content with real-time personalization, retailers can make email more powerful, and more effective, than ever–just in time for your holiday campaign planning.

Our latest ebook explains how you can overcome nine of retailers’ biggest holiday email challenges. It comes with real-life examples showing how other leading retailers combine creativity and innovative technology to make the most of their holiday season. 

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