Made for Agencies: personalization that dazzles your clients and amps your strategic marketing

Liveclicker helps provide a clear path in solving your customers’ most critical email marketing goals and increases their confidence in your strategic marketing. Our platform makes your agency an indispensable resource they can’t live without. It’s easy to get started!


Save the day for your clients, no cape required

Drive Results:

  17% lift in revenue vs basic personalization


Lower Costs:

  Adapt workflow to use fewer resources


Reduce Risk:

  Create flexibility in messaging, even after pressing ‘send’



3 Reasons to start today:

  • Try it with 1000 free credits

    Explore our platform—no strings attached—and show clients the power of moment-of-open personalization in use case demonstrations with 1,000 complimentary credits.


    Once clients are ready to try moment-of-open personalization, a special Proof-of-Concept package lets them take us for a test drive at a discounted rate.

  • Tailored to the agency-client relationship

    With agency-specific onboarding, you’re bound for success. We’ll help you learn the platform and ramp up quickly with webinars, videos, guides, decks and more: everything you need to drive results for clients.


  • Pitch decks and selling materials to win prospects and up-sell clients

    Our team will provide all the materials, training, and support necessary to demonstrate to your clients the ease and accessibility of innovating their email programs with Liveclicker.