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This year has required a lot of adaptability and change on the part of email marketers, and it’s easy to feel like you’re always playing catch up. But the core principles of retail marketing still apply, and it’s not too late to capitalize on what you’re already doing right for bigger returns in the new year. 

Keep in mind that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to achieve your goals. With some simple but vital adjustments, you can go back to basic, proven email tactics and make them faster, more personal, and more effective. 

Here are a few quick and easy ideas that build upon basic retail principles to  make reaching those holiday revenue goals seem more achievable while creating a more efficient workflow and helping your team, regardless of size, be more nimble. 

Personalize your greetings

Go beyond just including your customer’s name in your emails. Make your emails stand out with advanced personalization to show off your creativity. Custom greetings and messages based on the time of day the email is opened takes personalization one step further. 

After all, aside from the email’s subject line, the greeting is the first part that your customers will read. Foster that connection early in the email to capture their attention for the long-haul, not just a few seconds. 

 Add power to promotions

Utilize a countdown timer within the email for limited-time offers, promotions, and events to create a sense of urgency. By doing so, you’re building anticipation and using the “Fear of Missing Out” to your advantage. 

For your customers, this lets them know when and where the next big event or promotion for your brand will take place, making that occasion irresistible. 

The best part is countdown timers don’t have to just be for current promotions and events. You can also use a countdown timer to let your customers know how long they have to order to guarantee their items arrive in time for Christmas.

Or you can add to the anticipation by adding a scratch and reveal offer. Customers are going to click to see what sort of offer or promotion was selected just for them. And you no longer have to worry about the need to send a new email once the offer or promotion expires. It’s as simple as swapping out the old deal with the new one so that whenever your customers open the email, there’s a timely offer waiting for them.

Make multiple shopping options a breeze

This time of year can be just as busy for your customers. Utilize the add-to calendar function to schedule a convenient time for curbside delivery and automatically send out timely reminders. 

For your customers, this means that they never forget to pick up their order and reduces the risk of accidentally double-booking themselves. 

For email marketers, the best part is that an expired shipping promotion no longer requires preparing and sending multiple emails, which can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Moment of open customization allows you to automatically replace expired promotions for the current ones, no matter when your customer actually gets around to opening your email. That way your team can focus on the bigger, strategic undertakings and reduce your overall workload.  

 Optimize the post-purchase experience

One easy way to build anticipation for online orders is to add shipping tracking to your order confirmation emails, but it doesn’t have to be boring with just a receipt and tracking number. Capitalize on these transactional emails to send out post-purchase messages to heighten the anticipation and get valuable customer feedback such as an interactive poll to track customer satisfaction. 

Not to mention, it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase other relevant products that they may have missed the first time around. 

You can even take it one step further and include a tracker for your loyalty program or membership tiers so customers know exactly how much they need to spend to unlock the next discount level or reward. 

Incorporate other brand messaging into emails

As you’re pushing for those year-end sales, it’s easy to let building community among your consumers fall to the bottom of your priority list. And the idea of one more email campaign that may or may not directly and immediately lead to more sales is daunting when it’s crunch time. 

But making your customers feel like they’re part of your brand’s family doesn’t have to require a lot of time or energy, and it doesn’t have to add to your workload. You can foster that sense of community by adding a social feed of user-generated content such as photos, reviews, and appropriate comments and posts. 

Because it’s user-generated, it is one less piece of content that you and your team have to produce while building community among your brand’s biggest fans.

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