3 Holiday Shopping Stats to Plan This Year’s Marketing Strategy Around


DIrect marketing channels like email, mobile app notifications, and SMS messages are almost certainly a part of your holiday marketing strategy. But if you’re only using these communication paths to push out one-size-fits-all emails and generic promotions, you’re failing to tap into Q4’s true business potential.

Because in 2021, three important holiday shopping stats we’ve found point to some major retail industry changes over the next few months.

And—much like last year—there’s no approach to guarantee 100% success. Between an earlier start to holiday shopping than ever before, new buyer behaviors and preferences, and alternative fulfillment options born from  a need to avoid supply chain shorts and delays, you’ll need to be as agile as ever when it comes to planning, implementing, and executing your seasonal marketing strategy.

So, before you make significant changes to evolve this year’s holiday planning effort, think about these three holiday shopping stats and how they impact your brand in Q4 and beyond. Consider this blog our special gift to you!

Start Your Holiday Shopping Season Now

It’s not exactly a secret that there’s a laundry list of problems plaguing the retail sector right now. Chances are, your customers are well-aware of the supply chain shortages and rising materials costs impacting your products. Which is why they’re already starting to put together holiday shopping lists and seek out deals on the gifts they know friends and family want in 2021.

In fact, a recent survey conducted by The NPD Group revealed that 51% of holiday shoppers plan to start stuffing their stockings before Thanksgiving this year—including 38% who will begin making purchases as early as this month!

For you, this means you need to start testing your holiday email experiences and campaign tactics now. Things like advanced audience segmentation and predictive analytics—when combined with personalization—can ensure your messages reach the right people with the perfect content at the right time.

holiday shopping stats

Let Your Customers Shop for Themselves This Season

This year, you’ll see more online holiday shoppers than ever before. But here’s the most important question: Will your recipients be reading your emails for their own benefit, or on behalf of someone else? It can be tough to identify individual consumers’ intent and who’s shopping for whom over the next few months. So, why not give your customers the best of both experiences?

While we’re about to kick off the season of giving, it’s critical to remember that only 27% of holiday shoppers are focused on browsing and/or buying products for other people. Meaning things like self-gifting guides and messaging focused on “Treat yourself” approaches are guaranteed to deliver more impressive results than you may think in Q4.

Now more than ever, it’s vital your emails offer something valuable to every recipient—no matter their motivation, engagement level, or who they’re shopping for. And you can do this by simply combining thoughtful, stay-at-home themes with highly relevant product recommendations and dynamic content to create convenient shopping experiences that deliver great gift-giving ideas. For your subscribers and their loved ones.

holiday shopping stats

Make e-Gift Cards a Priority

Since December 2020, year-over-year sales of holiday e-gift cards have increased by over 106%. And with more supply chain shortages and inventory challenges to deal with this year, you can be sure this trend will continue to grow as retailers and consumers alike search for gifts and shopping experiences that are impossible to delay.

So, if you’re looking to tap into the feelings of homesickness to drive consumer conversions and engagement this season, promote e-gift cards at every opportunity. It’s an easy way to generate revenue—especially among shoppers who are struggling to find the perfect present. Plus, it’s a sneaky smart way to prevent negative customer experiences caused by seasonal shipping mishaps that inevitably happen every year.

holiday shopping stats

Want to incorporate even more modern retail trends into your holiday email campaigns? Check out our 2021 Holiday Marketing Guide for some fresh, exciting ideas you can implement with little-to-no extra work right now!


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