3 Holiday Emails that Delivered More Than Holiday Cheer


If you’re looking for some holiday inspiration, here are three real-life holiday email examples of brands driving significant results through their holiday email campaigns.

Example 1: MS Society increases year-end donations by 75%

MS Society needed its email to do a better job driving donations during the year-end holiday-donations timeframe. In the past, email had been viewed and used as a workman-like tool. MS Society wanted to test more engaging content to see if that approach would help them meet business goals. 

MS Society had already produced an interactive video for its annual “Christmas Appeal” holiday campaign. They repurposed this video to use directly in the email, with no additional production needed. The video highlighted the most compelling reasons why recipients should contribute, and even included a “donate now” link at the end to make it easy for recipients to give.

Not only was the Christmas Appeal email campaign much more engaging and inspirational, but it led to a 75% uplift in total donations over the previous year.

ms society email

Bonus tip: Embedding video in email was once considered to be a difficult technical feat. But with some creativity and innovative technology, it’s easier than you think

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Example 2: Ulta Beauty increases customers’ engagement with “Year in Review” emails

Ulta Beauty executives challenged their email team to promote customer loyalty and generate higher sales through the channel. The team needed to simplify their processes in order to meet this challenge. With Liveclicker’s help, they were able to accomplish both goals. 

They started with the Ulta Beauty “Year in Review” emails. These used to be a complex, labor-intensive effort. Now with Liveclicker, these emails are automatically populated with customers’ specific data. Streamlining the process helped both the team and the results. Ulta Beauty’s guests continued to open and engage with this email days after it was deployed and spent more time looking at it than other emails.

Ulta Beauty credits the sales success to elements in the email that show customers how much they shopped last year and the points they earned toward free products and services. Animation in the email, along with email personalization, creates a fun and engaging experience which customers love enough to open multiple times.

Bonus tip: You can use data, rendering and animated technology to show customers’ account balances and distance to the next reward or loyalty point level. Customers often respond to “you’re almost there” messages with additional purchases to reach the new threshold.

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Example 3: Sun Tan City pushes engagement to 31.5%

Sun Tan City knows that engagement helps drive sales, so it is a strong measure of success for the brand’s email efforts. They frequently use polls, surveys, and other interactive elements to drive engagement that translates into sales. 

For their Thanksgiving email, the team featured four different offers by creating a “scratch to reveal” promotion. Customers could have fun with the digital scratch-off, then link to the site to make purchases. Engagement rates were as high as 31.5% for this and similar interactive emails. Download the Sun Tan City case study to learn about their interactive poll success. 

Sun Tan City

Bonus tip: Scratch-offs, polls, and other interactive elements help drive engagement and purchases. By mixing and matching elements, you can meet holiday revenue goals for your email program. 

This week, the industry is buzzing with news about Amazon Prime Day 2019. While it’s too early to calculate the actual results, some early estimates show that Amazon will generate sales of $6.1 billion, which would be a $2 billion improvement over last year.

Not only are these numbers impressive, but they are more signs that the upcoming holiday season will probably be the biggest one yet. As you plan your 2019 holiday campaigns, check our blog for a series of posts with real life examples to inspire your own success.  

To your holiday success

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