3 Data-Driven Email Marketing Strategies to Deliver Immediate Success


As an email marketer, you can be forgiven for feeling as if you’re under siege this holiday season.

When you aren’t fighting the age-old battle to stay on your ISP’s good side, there’s the new challenge of balancing the dual demands of data collection and consumer privacy to deal with. And you’re already working overtime to meet your customers’ expectations for personalized email experiences tailored to their unique interests and activity.

Oh, and hit your revenue goals for the year already. Right? 

Seriously though, it’s enough to make you want to hide under your desk. But don’t slide down there just yet. 

Yes, you need to find new and creative ways to keep sending relevant and valuable emails to your customers. And there’s no doubt that Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection feature makes that job harder for many email marketers. Combined with the coming loss of third-party cookies, the moral of this year’s holiday story is you need to collect (and use) more data-driven email marketing strategies.

But fear not, for good news is only a sleigh delivery away. Because you likely already have a few data-driven email marketing strategies that only need minor tweaks to overcome these obstacles, achieve better results, and elevate your entire brand’s email marketing effort with as little extra work as possible.  

So—whether you’re looking for an easy starting point to advance your personalization or an advanced tactic to be your Q4 gamechanger—make it a priority to try these three proven, data-driven email marketing strategies this season!

Start simple: Encourage engagement through retargeting

Every good email program runs on clean, fresh data. And every smart email marketer knows that the best data is collected directly from your customers. Capturing their brand and product preferences, online browsing behaviors, and overall engagement level and likelihood to purchase are all things you can observe or ask for via direct marketing channels. 

But if you don’t yet have all the data you need yet to power a full-fledged one-to-one personalization plan yet? Just ask for it. Really, it’s that easy.

data-driven email marketing strategies

Embed a one-question poll or survey strategically designed to elicit a key data point from your most loyal shoppers. Then, using this insight, you can create highly relevant retargeting campaigns, audience segments, and follow-up polls that build on each customers’ answers to give you even more enlightening information about what they want from your holiday promotions.

Elevate your data-driven email marketing strategies with personalized reviews and recommendations

This tactic takes a little work to set up, but as long as you have an email platform with the capability you can put social proof on your side and let your customers do your selling for you this holiday season. 

Add a live data feed of customer-generated content such as reviews from your site or third-party sites like BazaarVoice and pair it with relevant products for an unforgettable email shopping experience. This is an excellent tactic to take your browse and cart abandonment emails to the next level, but they can work in promotional campaigns using dynamic content too.

data-driven email marketing strategies

What’s the upside of integrating content and feeds on the back end? More customer engagement on highly relevant messages, more potential for clicks and conversions, and higher revenue from your email marketing. Reviews and recommendations give customers more information, which in turn helps them buy more confidently. It’s a win for everybody at a time where most of us have never needed one more. 

Calling all email experts: It’s (finally) time to increase in-store traffic

The pandemic drove many traditional store shoppers to embrace ecommerce in ways no retailer ever expected. And now, millions are returning to stores—but that doesn’t mean they value your online experience any less. McKinsey expects a “bifurcated” holiday shopping season in 2021, with 60% to 70% of adults researching and shopping both in-store and online.

data-driven email marketing strategies

Returning to stores also brings back the pre-pandemic spectre of long lines at checkout stands and the potential for real-life abandoned carts and shopping sessions. Head this off by adding a graphic showing peak shopping hours at each store, and use dynamic targeting to match each graphic to your customer’s nearest store.

If your customers know when your stores are less busy, they can plan more productive shopping trips. That smooths out the peaks and valleys of foot traffic—which your employees will appreciate because it gives them more time to help customers, stock shelves, and keep stores looking presentable. 

This kind of integration might require a chat with your ESP vendor representative or account manager—but that’s okay. You’ll learn even more about what your platform can do for you! Plus, your rep will have more tips and tactics to help you get even better results from your data-driven email marketing strategies.

Download our new guide for even more data-driven email marketing strategies

These three tactics are just a few of the tried-and-true holiday email strategies that will help you drive more clicks and conversions, a stronger customer experience, and greater revenue. For more fresh ideas and smart email strategies, download our Blueprint for Better Email Results guide and discover how you can do more with less using the data and technology you already have.


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