Do More with Less: 11 Email and CRM Tactics to Improve Your Results Right Now


Today’s marketers are under more pressure than ever to perform. Between digital transformation strategies, massive consumer behavior shifts and preferences for online shopping alternatives, and an increasingly difficult data privacy environment to navigate, increasing the performance of your email campaigns is much easier said than done.

Especially if your business needs immediate improvement but lacks the time, budget, or internal manpower to make long-term solutions like an ESP migration viable. That said, there are plenty of places where low-effort changes can lead to quick, high-impact results.

Eleven, to be precise.

So, which email and CRM tactics can help you deliver more revenue and audience engagement with minimal (if any) extra work? How can you implement dynamic personalization without extra investment, dev resources, or martech stack reorganization required?

By downloading our newest guide, The Retail Marketer’s Guide to Email and CRM Tactics to Test Now, of course! Because it’s filled with trends, tips, and actionable strategies you can use to:

  • Enhance the performance of your email marketing efforts instantly
  • Optimize your marketing budget, technology stack, and development resources for greater efficiency and ROI
  • Personalize shopper interactions and build customer loyalty (with or without a loyalty program)
  • Create a seamless omnichannel customer experience
  • Make your email promotions more impactful

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